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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Quebec Quebec famous for?

Quebec is known to have some of the snowiest winters in Canada, adding to the majestic feel of the picturesque Mont Tremblant. While it is known for its remarkable skiing, the area offers plenty of other activities including ice climbing, winter biking, a Scandinavian spa and much more. Enjoy a few days in a Quebec winter wonderland! 7. Celine Dion

What is the official language of Quebec?

Quebec's official language is French; Québécois French is the regional variety. The economy of Quebec is mainly supported by its large service sector and varied industrial sector. For exports, it leans on these key industries: aeronautics, hydroelectricity, mining, pharmaceuticals, aluminum and paper.

Why should qubec stay in Canada?

why is Quebec important to Canada? Quebec produces 20% of the GDP, they are home to 22.5 % of the population of Canada, and about 14% of the land mass. They are geographically well placed to the US. Shipping cross country and abroad in many forms of transport puts Quebec in a logistically excellent spot. The province is rich in natural resources.

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