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Frequently Asked Questions

What is providersource and how does it work?

ProviderSource is a service to help Washington healthcare providers manage provider data used for credentialing and privileging. With ProviderSource, your practice enters data once and attests to it multiple times during the year. The service prompts you to keep your information current.

What is onehealthport and providersource?

OneHealthPort is the lead organization referenced in the bill. We have partnered with Medversant to offer ProviderSource. OneHealthPort manages your user credentials and Medversant hosts the ProviderSource site and application.

What browsers are supported by providersource™?

Please note that the ProviderSource™ is best viewed using latest versions of Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or Firefox Mozilla. Although the application works with Apple Safari, you may experience issues due to plugins. If you experience issues with these browsers, please switch to supported versions of Google Chrome or Firefox Mozilla.

Why choose providersource for credentialing?

ProviderSource employs leading-edge technologies to provide for information security and system user privacy. Under Senate Bill 5346 passed last year, ProviderSource is the single source for health plans, hospitals, and other healthcare organizations in the region for credentialing.

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