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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an example of projectile motion?

A baseball batted or thrown is an example of the projectile. What is Projectile Motion? When a particle is thrown obliquely near the earth’s surface, it moves along a curved path under constant acceleration that is directed towards the centre of the earth (we assume that the particle remains close to the surface of the earth).

Does Aristotle's projectile motion theory work on a thrown stone?

This idea works very well for the horse and cart but is puzzling if you apply it to a thrown stone or spear. Problems with Aristotle's theory of projectile motion were identified by one or two people between his time and the 14th century, particularly John Philoponus (6th century AD) and John Buridan (14th century AD).

How did Galileo work on projectile motion?

GALILEO'S WORK ON PROJECTILE MOTION. In Aristotle's theory of motion, projectiles were pushed along by an external force which was transmitted through the air. His medieval successors internalized this force in the projectile itself and called it "impetus.". This impetus caused the object to move in a straight line until it was expended,...

What is the acceleration in the horizontal projectile motion?

Acceleration in the horizontal projectile motion and vertical projectile motion of a particle: When a particle is projected in the air with some speed, the only force acting on it during its time in the air is the acceleration due to gravity (g). This acceleration acts vertically downward.

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