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Frequently Asked Questions

What does projectile mean in physics?

In physics, a projectile is any object that once “projected” (thrown, fired or dropped), the only force acting on it is gravity. Force is initially exerted onto the object through the throw and then gravity controls the vertical motion.

What does the name projectile mean?

projectile (n.) "body projected or impelled forward by force," 1660s, from Modern Latin projectilis, from Latin proiectus, past participle of proicere "stretch out, throw forth," from pro- "forward" (see pro-) + combining form of iacere (past participle iactus) "to throw" (from PIE root *ye- "to throw, impel").

What exactly is a projectile?

So what exactly is a projectile? A projectile is any object propelled with massive amounts of force acting upon it. For example, a fire arm is considered a projectile, because the bullet has a small explosive charge, then that cause a chain of reaction.

How to use "projectile" in a sentence?

projectile in a sentence Of particular interest Tuesday was the projectile recovered from the remains. This is frequently done to increase the velocity of the projectile. Milka hoes warily around the projectile, afraid it remains lethal. All the projectiles were coming from one direction _ going in. ...

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