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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a scheduling manager do?

Scheduling managers perform various scheduling administrative functions; the major tasks, duties, and responsibilities that typically define their job description are shown below: Assisting in the construction and development of the workforce management tool in order to meet the requirements of both local and national service delivery

What does a production manager do?

A Production Manager, or Production Lead, ensures that manufacturing equipment and tools function properly and increase an organization’s efficiencies. Their duties include building production schedules, making sure production processes stay within budgets and deadlines and reviewing the productivity of an organization’s manufacturing equipment.

What does a production scheduling Manager (PSM) do?

Being a Production Scheduling Manager monitors the materials inventories, tracking of progress of production, and reviewing of factors which affect production schedules. Familiar with standard concepts, practices, and procedures within a particular field.

How do I prepare for a job in production scheduling?

Courses such as management resource planning, management, business, spreadsheets and word processing can be helpful when it comes to preparing for a job in production scheduling.

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