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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a PRINCE2 study guide?

Prince2 Foundation and Practitioner certification are the essential ingredients for your project management success. If you are planning for Prince2 certification, you definitely need a Prince2 study guide to reach your certification goal.

What is the best mentor for PRINCE2 certification?

Therefore, whether you are aiming for Foundation or Practitioner certification, the best mentor is the Prince2 study guide. What is the roadmap to Prince2 certification? Any goal has to be realized with a well thought through Prince2 study guide and plan. A prince2 study guide helps you to have the road map for certification laid out.

What is the difference between PRINCE2 Foundation and PRINCE2 practitioner?

Since the Prince2 Practitioner is a higher level exam for seniors or those who have already cleared a basic level exam, the Prince2 certification requirements are little more stringent compared to the Foundation level exam. A good Prince2 Study guide will explain all these requirements and how to apply for both Foundation and Practitioner exam. 2.

How to create a roadmap for PRINCE2 certification?

A typical roadmap which is generally part of the prince2 study guide will have the following steps: Make a project plan for Prince2 certification using Prince2 study guide Execute project plan for Prince2 certification using Prince2 study guide 1. Understand Prince2 certification requirements: Prince2 Foundation & Practitioner

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