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Frequently Asked Questions

When is Biden’s Town Hall in Ohio?

U.S. President Joe Biden speaks about voting rights at the National Constitution Center on July 13, 2021 in Philadelphia. (CNN) President Joe Biden will participate in a CNN town hall on Wednesday in Cincinnati, Ohio, just over six months after taking office.

What did we learn from the Biden Town Hall?

After four years of a president who seemed entirely without empathy, it was a moment of real humanity that stood out. Within an hour of the conclusion of the town hall, the White House was working to hedge on Biden's pledges on using the National Guard to help address supply chain issues and to protect Taiwan in the event of a Chinese incursion.

Were there capacity limits at Biden's town hall event with CNN?

The White House has not confirmed whether there were capacity limits during CNN’s town hall event with President Biden. “Biden comes to Florida, you have like 12, 13 people. You know, they do the circles. And he has a hard time filling up the circles.

What has changed since Biden's last town hall with Anderson Cooper?

The last time Biden participated in a CNN town hall, he likened living in the White House to residing in a "gilded cage," telling Anderson Cooper that he was unused to being waited upon by staff. Things have not changed much since then: He said on Wednesday that he missed being able to emerge from his bedroom for breakfast in a robe in morning.

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