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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy glasses without a prescription?

Zenni Optical offers non-prescription glasses, sports glasses, goggles, and prescription eyewear online. In its product lineup, you will see fashionable glasses at some of the most affordable prices to allow those with and without insurance a chance to get the glasses they have always wanted.

Are prescription glasses worth it?

Yes, prescription eye glasses are worth the cash, when they are fitted to your eyes and are the right presription. I would simply put it in this way, if you having difficult with your vision either nearsighted , farsighted or both, you definitely will have to get prescription glasses.

Can you get glasses without a prescription?

Non-prescription glasses don’t require a prescription and are perfectly safe to wear. They are available in a variety of designs and materials.

What is the average cost of prescription glasses?

You can expect to pay between $240 to $1,000 for prescription glasses, but it’s not unusual for the final price to exceed that. Premium eyeglass lenses alone can come with price tags as high as $700 to $1,000, whereas simple metal alloy frames can run as low as $8.

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