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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to get help for drug addiction?

You can find a drug take back day collection site close to you on the DEA website by entering a ZIP code, county or state. See below on where to drop off medications in your area on Saturday. The D.C. police department is partnering with the Drug Enforcement Agency for National Prescription Drug Take Back Day.

How can prescription drug addiction be treated?

Treatment options for prescription drug abuse vary, depending on the type of drug used and your needs. But counseling, or sometimes psychotherapy, is typically a key part of treatment. Treatment may also require withdrawal (detoxification), addiction medication and recovery support. Counseling

How much does a rehab facility cost?

These costs are estimates based on the experience of in working with hundreds of treatment centers throughout the United States. Standard inpatient addiction treatment facilities cost between $14,000 and $27,000 for a 30-day program, and outpatient treatment can range from free to $500 per session.

What are facts about drug abuse?

Drug Abuse Demographics. Drug abuse and substance disorders are more likely to affect young males . 22% of males and 17% of females used illegal drugs or misused prescription drugs within the last year. 5% of people in non-metropolitan, rural counties used illegal drugs compared to 20.2% of people in larger metropolitan counties.

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