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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a baby bump pillow?

Ease Back Pain, Rest on Your Baby Bump. The Cozy Bump is an OB/GYN & chiropractor-approved pregnancy body pillow built to safely cradle baby bumps so you can rest on your stomach. Wide headrest lets you use it with or without your regular pillow. Patented functions allow gravity to kick in to decompress your spine which relieves back pain...

How to use a pregnancy pillow properly?

You can lay it out lengthwise to create a full body pillow to cuddle while side sleeping, or fold it in half and use it to support your stomach, back, knees, or shoulders. Wedge Pillows: Wedge pillows are the most compact style of pregnancy pillow.

What is the best pregnancy wedge pillow?

Best Pregnancy Wedge Pillow. This compact wedge pillow from Boppy supports your bump as you sleep, but helps in other ways too; women have been known to place it against their backs for lumbar support as they sit at a desk, or rest their knees on it as they lie on a couch.

What is a C-shaped pregnancy pillow?

Some C-shaped pregnancy pillows curve around your entire body to support both your back and bump, while others contour your front but not back. This pillow is used when sleeping on your side—rest your head at the top, prop up your bump (and possibly back) with the side and tuck the bottom of the C between your legs.

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