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Frequently Asked Questions

How is PMPS treated?

Like many other neuropathic pain conditions, the treatment of PMPS often focuses on temporary solutions to alleviate pain. Treatment often begins with oral medication and physical therapy.

What are the symptoms of PMPS?

If left untreated, PMPS may not only be painful, but it may also affect the use of your arm and its range of movement, while also impairing your mental health. What are the symptoms of PMPS? Because PMPS is nerve pain-specific, the symptoms tend to involve symptoms like shooting pain, stabbing pain, prickling pain, tingling, itchiness or numbness.

What are the benefits of becoming a PMP certified?

获得PMP认证意味着持证人士将掌握全球通用的项目管理语言,成为全球项目管理专业人士、组织和专家社区中的一份子,成为项目背后的“英雄”。 在总监带领下履行职责,并负责项目的整个项目生命周期。

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