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Frequently Asked Questions

How does counseling work in the Army?

The counseling is captured on the Department of Army (DA) Form 4856. The Soldier can add comments on the second page of DA Form 4856. The Soldier cannot be forced to sign or comment on DA Form 4856. However, if you disagree with the counseling, you should sign and add your comments. If you refuse

How do you counseling a soldier for specific performance?

For example, you tell your soldier whether or not the performance met the standard and what the soldier did right or wrong. The key to successful counseling for specific performance is to conduct the counseling session as close to the time of the event as possible. 5-14. When counseling a soldier for specific performance take the following actions:

What is a plan of action?

In the Plan of Action block, describe the actions that will be taken as a solution to the subject of the counseling. These actions will be accomplished by either the rater or the Soldier or both as appropriate.

What is a counseling form?

This is primarily used to record counseling sessions provided by counselors to soldiers of the US Army. Although this form is a requirement for any counseling session provided to army personnel, the information contained in the form cannot get disclosed to the public.

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