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Frequently Asked Questions

What did John Pinkerton do for a living?

Pinkerton soon won a gig as a small town sheriff. He went on to work as Chicago’s first police detective and as an agent for the U.S. Post Office. Around 1850, he opened the private investigation firm that became the Pinkerton National Detective Agency. 2.

What does Pinkerton mean?

"Pinkertons" redirects here. For other uses, see Pinkerton (disambiguation). Pinkerton, founded as the Pinkerton National Detective Agency, is a private security guard and detective agency established in the United States by Scotsman Allan Pinkerton in the 1850s and currently a subsidiary of Securitas AB.

What is Pinkerton Academy?

Our Mission Rooted in a community of courtesy, respect, and responsibility, Pinkerton Academy seeks to provide a safe and welcoming environment that prepares all students for success in a changing world. Our Vision Pinkerton Academy students will become critical thinkers, effective communicators, and respectful, contributing members of our society.

When was Pinkerton released?

Pinkerton (album) Pinkerton is the second studio album by American rock band Weezer, released on September 24, 1996 on DGC Records. After abandoning plans for a rock opera, Songs from the Black Hole, Weezer recorded Pinkerton between songwriter Rivers Cuomo 's terms at Harvard University, where he wrote much of the album.

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