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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register with PhilHealth?

Step 1: Access the PhilHealth Electronic Registration System. Step 2: Fill out the PhilHealth online registration form. Step 3: Upload the PhilHealth requirements. Step 4: Check your email for a confirmation message. Step 5: Wait for your PhilHealth number. 2. PhilHealth manual registration. a. For local employees and sea-based OFWs.

Where can I get PhilHealth MDR form?

Q: Where can I get PhilHealth MDR Form? A: There is no PhilHealth MDR Form. PhilHealth MDR is the actual Member Data Record which you may need if you want to avail of PhilHealth benefits. You can get your MDR online or at the Philhealth Office or branch.

When should I update my PhilHealth MDR?

That is why you should update your PhilHealth MDR whenever there are any changes in your personal information, such as a change of name due to marriage or a change of address and contact details. You should also update your PhilHealth information if you want to add dependents.

How do I submit my PMRF to Philhealth?

Include your valid ID as PhilHealth will need it to verify your identity. Once your PMRF, supporting documents and valid ID are scanned or photographed, it’s time to submit them to your local PhilHealth office via email. Open your email application (e.g. Gmail) and write the following message (feel free to edit it with your personal information):

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