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Frequently Asked Questions

What is insulin glargine?

Insulin glargine (100 units/mL; Basaglar or Lantus ): Treatment of type 1 diabetes mellitus in adults and children ≥6 years of age or type 2 diabetes mellitus in adults who require long-acting insulin for control of hyperglycemia.

Does the PD of insulin glargine change with time of administration?

Conclusions: The PD of insulin glargine differs depending on time of administration. With morning administration insulin activity is greater in the first 0-12 h, while with evening administration the activity is greater in the 12-24 h period following dosing.

What is the duration of action of insulin glargine?

Available as the brand name product Lantus, insulin glargine has a duration of action up to 24 hours allowing for once-daily dosing, typically at bedtime. Due to its duration of action, Lantus is considered "basal insulin" as it provides low concentrations of background insulin that can keep blood sugar stable between meals or overnight.

Does glargine affect insulin sensitivity in T2DM?

However, glargine PK and plasma C-peptide levels were similar, as well as glargine PD when analyzed by 24-h clock time independent of the time of administration. Thus, the results reflect the impact of circadian changes in insulin sensitivity in T2DM (lower in the night-early morning vs. afternoon hours) rather than glargine per se.

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