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Frequently Asked Questions

How technology is revolutionizing the pharma industry?

The pharmaceutical business is a multibillion dollar global industry amid the covid-19 pandemic ... technologies such as IoT and AI have played a big part in this process. Another technology that can facilitate rapid and far-reaching developments in ...

What is B. Tech in Pharmaceutical Science and Technology?

B.Tech in Pharmaceutical Technology is a 4 years graduation course that deals with the study of technological research and development of the instruments in the field of pharmaceuticals.Pharmaceutical technology includes various machineries and instruments used in different areas of working such as research and development, manufacturing unit, quality control and quality analysis, clinical ...

What is pharmaceutical manufacturing technology?

Pharmaceuticals made using continuous manufacturing are moved nonstop within a single facility, eliminating hold times between steps. Material is fed through an assembly line of fully integrated technologies, which saves time and reduces the likelihood of human error.

What is the pharmaceutical process?

Pharmaceutical process development is the process from research and development, laboratory formulation to commercial production of pharmaceuticals. While health is a crucially important social and economic asset, both infectious and non-communicable diseases pose a major threat to the well-being and prosperity of populations.

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