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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Perm trackers?

You can use PERM trackers to follow your case with a case number. You can also use the processing time information provided by the Department of Labor to track the general current PERM processing times so you can properly plan your PERM application process. Here are some questions that we often get regarding the PERM Labor Certification. Q.

Do all employment-based green cards require Perm processing?

No, not all U.S. employment-based green cards require PERM processing. There are various green card categories for employment-based immigrants including the EB-1 for priority workers, EB-2 for those with advanced degrees and exceptional abilities, and EB-3 for professionals, skilled workers, and other categories of workers.

How do I Check my Perm approval status?

Enter your PERM case number to estimate approval time. You can also check the PERM approvals that are being tracked. Use your PERM ETA case number to check your PERM approval status with this app. The PERM case number starts with the letter ‘A’ to mean the Atlanta service center. Is PERM the first step in the US green card process?

What is Perm case data?

This Online tracking forum shows the user-contributed PERM case data. The data is crowdsourced too and is popular among Indian employment-based applicants. The number is assigned to your PERM case when your employer or attorney creates the case in the online DOL system for the first time.

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