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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find nearby live performance theatres?

Find nearby live performance theatres. Enter a location to find a nearby live performance theatres. Enter ZIP code or city, state as well. Google Maps is a web mapping service developed by Google.

Where can I find information on upcoming concerts and events? has tickets and information on concert dates and event dates for bands and artists coming to your area soon. 5Sos has announced dates for their upcoming concert tour.

What are the different types of performance venue rentals?

When you check out performance venue rentals in your area, you'll find everything from dedicated live music venues to raw warehouse spaces, art galleries, and hip bars—all sorts of venues, including ones you may not have ever thought of.

What services does Yelp offer for Performing Arts?

Some popular services for performing arts include: Virtual Classes About About Yelp Careers Press Investor Relations Trust & Safety Content Guidelines Accessibility Statement Terms of Service Privacy Policy Ad Choices

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