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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Paul's a good restaurant?

ORDER NOW! I have been going to Paul's before he was even this location. The food is great and made to order. If you have a question or problem talk to him and he resolves it as soon as he can. The staff here is great and they can make anything for you if they have the ingredients for it even if it's not on the menu and you call ahead.

Do You Still Love Paul's Kitchen?

I still love Paul's Kitchen. I've been coming here since 1975, though certainly not as often as traffic is always a factor. But still my favorite old-school Cantonese place to go. However, since the changes during the pandemic, they no longer have my #1 favorite dish.... Almond Duck (pressed duck in a super velvety delicious brown sauce).

What is Paul's original Burger?

Paul's Original Veggie Burger has become a local hit since the restaurant opened in 1986. This 100-year-old recipe stems back from Paul's great-grandmother! Now it comes in multiple varieties like Mexican, Italian, Greek, Philly, and of course the Original.

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