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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need a PhD at U of T?

They are in the unique position of pursuing both scientific research and clinical practice, translating academic excellence into health care excellence for Canadians every day. Our program attracts the very best medical researchers to U of T PhD programs, and has produced successive generations of innovative health leaders.

Does University of Toronto require a degree?

University of Toronto | University of Toronto Build on your undergraduate degree with U of T’s rich selection of professional and graduate programs. While some programs require university preparation, others require a university degree. See faculty websites for specific admission information.

What is a part-time student?

A part-time student is one taking less than a 60% course load in a certificate, degree, or diploma program. Most programs at U of T Mississauga enable you to complete a U of T degree on a part-time basis with a few exceptions.

Can I transfer from a master's program to a PhD program?

A student may transfer from a master’s program into an approved flexible-time option program, with the years in the master’s program being counted as part of the PhD program. Students pay full-time fees for the first four years and part-time fees thereafter. Students are expected to be self-funded.

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