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Frequently Asked Questions

What is panelmate Power Pro?

PanelMate Power Pro is the proven standard for industrial electronic operator interface. This family of rugged OI products is the benchmark for easy-to-use, intuitive operator control and is a cost-efficient, easy-to-integrate alternative to traditional hardwired operator panels in control systems.

How to choose the right panelmate for your project?

If the project is demanding the need of non-protruding connections then choosing PanelMate Female D in either carbon steel or stainless steel would be the best choice with lengths between 2 5/8” to 5 ½” as required. The PanelMate Inserts are also available but only in the carbon steel with lengths of 1 5/8” and 2/8”.

What is panelmate pro storm panel anchor?

PanelMate® Pro Storm Panel Anchors & Fasteners offer one-time installation – these anchors stay in place, ready for even faster and easier panel mounting as the next storm approaches. Easier and faster than hanger bolts. Suitable for use with all types of Storm Panels and Plywood Panels

Does panelmate Power Pro support serial communications with Mitsubishi PLCs?

The software supports serial communications with Mitsubishi PLCs.MITS.DRV (V3.03), MITSFX.DRV (V3.03), last updated 08/2003, Release V2.50 of PanelMate Power Pro Software Modicon communications driver software for use with PanelMate Power Pro models.

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