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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a panelized kit home?

Our Panelized Kit Homes will help you build your new home faster, better and at the same time saving money. Our Panelized Building Kits include high quality pre-framed and numbered walls sections and roof trusses. Then we provide a diagram that shows where these numbered sections are placed on the foundation and roof system.

What is panelized construction?

Panelized construction simply means that we build your home panel by panel in our controlled factory setting. This allows for the highest quality panelized construction and therefore a precision fit on the job site. Our prefabricated panelized home kit typically designs our walls to break in 4’ increments.

Why choose a panelized home?

Our panelized homes are far superior to any building materials used to build homes today. Panelized homes are stronger, easier to build and are more energy efficient.

How many plans do you have for a panelized home?

You can choose from on our 2,000 plans or design your own home. We can draw the plans for your new home, engineer them and manufacture your new panelized home. Panelized home kit ready for delivery by Landmark Home and Land co. Panelized home is placed on flatbed trucks and delivered to your building site.

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