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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is vehicle registration renewal in PA?

How much does vehicle registration renewal cost in PA? Vehicle Registration Fee: For common Passenger vehicles, the registration renewal fee is $38.00. Motorcycles can be renewed for $20.00 and Motor-Driven Cycles or Motorized Pedacycles cost $9.00 to renew.

How much is PA registration fee?

These fees will be collected by the Pennsylvania Department of Motor Vehicles as you make your vehicle street-legal: Title fee: $51. Registration fee: $35-$84. How much is PA registration for 2 years? The fee is based on the number of years a customer registers their vehicle.

Is my license suspended PA?

How to find out if your license has been suspended in PA? For information about your specific driver’s license suspension: Contact PennDOT by phone: Within Pennsylvania: (800) 932-4600. Out of state: (717) 412-5300. Use the Online Driver Services system. Check Your Driver License Status.

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