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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MT4 (MQL4) error 4107?

What is MT4 (MQL4) Error 4107? MT4 error 4107 is an MQL4 runtime error that refers to an invalid price parameter of the expert advisor. It means your EA is not reading the ask/bid rate provided by the MT4 system as a valid price.

What is ordersend error in MT4?

It refers to an invalid price issue in the OrderSend function that prevents your EA from reading the price data correctly. An automated trading system may fail to recognize the MT4 price quote for multiple reasons. However, fixing such issues is not as complex as we might think.

What are the error codes for MQL4?

MQL4 run time error codes: Constant. Value. Description. ERR_NO_MQLERROR. 4000. No error. ERR_WRONG_FUNCTION_POINTER.

What are the restrictions for pending orders in MetaTrader 4?

For pending orders (stop or limit), MetaTrader 4 offers the following restrictions in regards to stop level: Buy Limit — the distances between the current Ask and the Entry, between the Entry and the Stop-Loss, and between the Entry and Take-Profit should all be greater or equal to the stop level.

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