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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MQL4 ordersend error 4107?

The MQL4 OrderSend Error 4107 mainly occurs during an Expert Advisor (EA) backtesting in the MT4 platform. It refers to an invalid price issue in the OrderSend function that prevents your EA from reading the price data correctly. An automated trading system may fail to recognize the MT4 price quote for multiple reasons.

What is error 4107 in MT4?

Error 4107 is a so-called MQL4 runtime error that is similar to OrderSend Error 129 but, unlike the latter, appears usually during backtesting of MT4 expert advisors, not during their live or demo run. Sometimes, it can also appear in non-backtesting situations, both in OrderSend () and OrderModify () functions.

Why can't ferrufx handle I++ orders?

The issue is that you need to count down your orders and not count up, where you were using i++, FerruFX rightly identifies i--. Exactly. Because if you close the #1 before #2, the #2 become #1 and can't be close because the #1 were closed previously.

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