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Frequently Asked Questions

What is orderselect() function?

It is strongly recommended to call the OrderSelect () function before request the order data. Consecutive selection of orders using the SELECT_BY_POS parameter returns information in the sequence in which it was received from the trading server. Sorting of the resulting list of orders cannot be guaranteed.

How to number orders in a list of market and pending orders?

The numbering of orders in the list of market and pending orders starts with zero. This means that the first order in the list (Fig. 90) is placed in zero position, the position of the second order is numbered as 1, that of the third order is numbered as 2, etc. This is why, in the function call OrderSelect (), the value of index is given as i-1.

How to select an order in a Forex-robot?

Manually it’s easy – you just look at the information provided at the bottom of the terminal. But what if we want to do it from inside a Forex-robot? Well, it’s also pretty simple – we just need to use the OrderSelect () function to select the order and then we are able to use a range of functions to find out additional information about our order.

What does 'non-actual' mean in order select?

It means that in some cases the order details (open price, SL/TP levels or expiration date) may change and the data become non-actual. It is strongly recommended to call the OrderSelect() function before request the order data.

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