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Frequently Asked Questions

Do orange cats always have gold eyes?

Orange cats can have gold, green, or copper eyes. Each color provides a beautiful contrast to their fur. It’s physically impossible for an orange tabby to carry any other genetic color. While tones can vary slightly between gold and light amber, their eyes stay relatively the same basic shades.

Are orange cats the funniest cats?

Orange cats are everywhere in fiction, film and TV, from Tiger in An American Tale to Jim Davidson’s food-loving Garfield. From their stripey tails to their freckled noses, orange tabbies are handsome, lovable cats. Also known as red tabbies, marmalade cats or ginger cats, orange tabbies have a reputation for being more affectionate and cuddlesome than the average cat.

What breed of cat has orange eyes?

This color was originally developed by British cat breeders who wanted an eye color that could stand out in vivid relief against any coat color. Breeds including the Devon Rex, Japanese Bobtail, American Wirehair, Maine Coon, and the Turkish Van can all have orange eyes. 6. Copper Eyed Cats Copper is the darkest eye color you’ll see in cats.

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