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Frequently Asked Questions

What can OnPoint do for You?

When it comes to your finances, we’re in it together. With OnPoint, you can check your balance, deposit checks, and pay bills from anywhere. We also offer great rates, low fees and financial education resources just for you. Yet, we’re more than a place to bank.

Why OnPoint credit union?

Find the support you need to achieve financial wellness. Reach your goals faster with OnPoint’s interactive and self-guided resources. We are proud to honor our roots as a teachers’ credit union by supporting educators and students in and out of the classroom. Great place to bank.

Why choose OnPoint digital banking?

With all your bank accounts in one place, we stay local, while your money goes with you. Your money. Your way. Find anytime access with OnPoint digital banking. Enjoy convenient access to your finances by banking with your local community credit union. A better banking experience with OnPoint digital banking.

How does OnPoint mortgage work?

OnPoint mortgage professionals take you through a step-by-step explanation of buying a home, share key resources available to you, and demonstrate how OnPoint can make navigating the process fast and easy. A real estate agent will also be available to answer any questions you may have.

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