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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ohio State football's 2022 recruiting class in the books?

After a rather uneventful 2022 national signing day, Ohio State football’s 2022 recruiting class is now officially in the books. Two more players inked their national letters of intent on Tuesday to bring the complete class to 21-members officially.

Who is Ohio State's 'Captain Buckeye'?

Also known as “Captain Buckeye,” Hicks is the face of Ohio State’s 2022 recruiting class, not only because he is its highest-ranked prospect but also because he led the peer recruiting efforts for other prospects to join him in the class.

Will the Buckeyes bring anyone else into the 2022 class?

But considering Ohio State currently has 92 players on scholarship for the 2022 season – seven over the 85-man limit – it’s unlikely the Buckeyes will bring anyone else into the class unless there is significant roster attrition between now and September.

Who did Ohio State flip from USC to QB in 2022?

Despite only starting to recruit him after Ewers’ reclassification, Ohio State successfully flipped Brown from USC to be its quarterback for the 2022 class, which just might be the Buckeyes’ biggest win in the entire cycle.

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