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Frequently Asked Questions

How many Ohio State football players were selected in the 2022 draft?

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WJW) — The tradition of Ohio State University football players moving on to the National Football League continued this weekend with a six athletes selected during the 2022 Draft. Marquee OSU wide receivers Garrett Wilson and Chris Olave were picked in the first round, going back to back.

Will the Ohio State Buckeyes produce NFL Draft talent in 2023?

There's now an expectation that the Ohio State Buckeyes produce NFL draft talent each year. The 2023 NFL Draft won't be any different. The Ohio State Buckeyes routinely generate some of the largest NFL draft classes each passing April. Early on, the 2023 NFL Draft appears as if it’ll be more of the same on that front.

How many players have the Buckeyes drafted?

This marked the Buckeyes’ smallest class since 2015, when just five players were drafted. The Ohio State football program had six selections in this year’s NFL Draft, marking the ninth straight year the Buckeyes have had at least five players drafted.

Which college football team has the most first-round draft picks?

As of 2021, the Buckeyes have the most first-round selections in the history of the NFL draft with 85. They are third behind USC and Notre Dame for overall draft picks with 460 (as of 2020).

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