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Frequently Asked Questions

Is off road Deisel the same as home heating oil?

To keep the article uniform, we will refer to it as Off-Road Diesel Fuel) is not the same fuel as heating oil. Even though Heating Oil and Off-Road Diesel Fuel are the same color, red (the red dye in the fuel is used to distinguish for tax purposes), they are not the same fuel. Off-Road Diesel Fuel in Pennsylvania is an Ultra-Low Sulfur fuel, meaning it is <15ppm Sulfur content. This is the key to the difference between the two fuels.

What is the fine for running off road diesel?

What is the Fine for Running Off Road Diesel. Whether it is Washington, Texas, Florida, Ohio, Alabama, or other states, the fine for illegal use of dyed diesel is $10/gallon or $1,000 per violation (a tank with red diesel), whichever is greater.

What differacne between off road diesel and on read diesel?

for the record off road diesel is not the same as on road, and the reason it is dyed red has nothing to do with its tax exemption. off road diesel has a higher sulfer and oil base content than your conventional road diesel.. "red" diesel is straight unrefined diesel fuel dyed red, the stuff we use in our trucks is refined for emission purposes. the high sulfer and oil contents cause off road diesel to emmit more. if you think you can get away with it by all means run the red! the oil content ...

Does diesel fuel go bad like gas over time?

It's not like gasoline which will go bad in 3-6 months. With the introduction of bio-diesel its changed some. Alge in diesel fuel is an issue that will occur in dormant fuel, but if it was good clean fuel and was properly sealed (where rain water or other contaminates cant be introduced then it will be much better for the stability of the fuel.

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