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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is NYS registration renewal fee?

The following are the fees that you will have to pay when trying to renew your registration: 1,650 lbs or less vehicles will cost $26 to renew 1,751 to 1,850 lbs vehicles will cost $29 to renew 1,951 lb. vehicles and over will cost between $32.50 to $71 to renew

How do you register a trailer in NY?

Register the trailer as homemade. No big deal, they assign a VIN number, if needed. You will have to take the trailer and get it weighed first. You can do that at some feed stores, stone or sand quarries, most any large truckstop, and many other places that have drive on scales. They will give you a weigh ticket and that is what DMV will ask for.

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