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Frequently Asked Questions

What numbers can be used as letters?

This is called SMSish or textese or simply SMS language. When numbers instead of letters are used to spell a whole word it is called leet – which, in leet, is written as 1337. Another example is n00b, a term for newbie. Andsoforth.

What are the letters in numerology?

Numerology Meanings of the Letters of the Alphabet. Each letter of the alphabet has its own meaning in numerology profiles. When doing a reading, if the letter occurs first in the name, or is the first vowel, it has more force than in other positions.

Can I get Letters associated with numbers?

The numbers with the corresponding alphabets are: It can be easily observed that the alphabetical letters A, I, Q, J, Y, all have the numerical value of 1, the letters B, K, R, the numerical value of 2, the letters S, C, G, L the numerical value of 3, and so on right up to the numerical value of 8.

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