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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a nuisance abatement investigation?

Nuisance abatement investigations commence by a written request from the local district attorney, chief of police, or sheriff. Upon request, ALE investigates nuisance properties to determine if the location meets the criteria for a nuisance action.

What are the notice requirements for a notice to abate the public nuisance?

Section 6. Notice Requirements 6.1 Each Notice to Abate the Public nuisance must contain the following information: a. The specific condition that constitutes the nuisance; b.

How do I remove a nuisance from a property?

a nuisance can remove the persons causing the nuisance from the property and close the property from being reoccupied. This type of abatement works especially well when dealing with properties associated with drug and gang crime. By filing a Civil Lawsuit with a Temporary Restraining Order against the owner of the property and the occupants

When to appeal a nuisance abatement order?

2011 Nuisance Abatement Manual • Office of the Attorney General 22 (b) Not later than the 90th day after the date of the injunctive order, an appropriate court of appeals shall hear and decide an appeal taken by a person enjoined under this subchapter.

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