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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes NTU's mathematics courses so special?

Wherever possible, our courses are approved by the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications. Departmental research is extremely strong in terms of high quality outputs, funding income, and international impact and the mathematics staff contribute in areas that represent the very best of NTU's research activity.

What is the difference between NTU and NUS?

For NTU vs NUS, you can check the modules! Both have more data science than econs mods but NTU has more econs mods than NUS, so you can see which you prefer studying. For NUS, you’ll need to do a whole year of the core curriculum mods which r unrelated to ur major but for NTU you can start ur major immediately !!!

What can I do with an economics degree at Nottingham Business School?

An Economics degree at Nottingham Business School is your gateway to a career in financial services, and a wide range of other opportunities. Improve your knowledge of global markets and economic theory, and sharpen your decision-making skills.

What is the BSc Mathematics and economics?

The BSc Mathematics and Economics is a joint degree programme where students study roughly equal amounts of both subjects over their three years. Mathematics is essential for an understanding of modern economics.

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