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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MSc Applied Economics?

MSc Applied Economics – NTU School of Social Science by headstarttest. In Arts & Social Sciences, MSc. Introduction The MSc (Applied Economics) programme aims to provide rigorous post-graduate training in Applied Economics that would be useful in both the private and public sectors, and in all facets of economic research activities.

What is Economic Policy Analysis at NTU?

Specifically, this NTU programme specializes in equipping students with the necessary skills to excel in economic policy analysis by utilizing techniques such as econometrics, financial applied econometrics, cost-benefit analysis, project evaluation, and financial modelling, etc.

What can I do with a Master's in economics?

The M.A. is a regular paced, more flexible program, that builds applied, empirical and policy-oriented skills, but it can also be used to prepare for PhD programs in Economics by taking advanced graduate courses in Mathematics and Economics (including PhD courses in economics).

What degree programs does the Department of Economics offer?

The Department of Economics offers two master's programs: the M.A. in Economics and the M.S. in Quantitative Economics .

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