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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the routing number for Associated Credit Union?

Associated Credit Union Atlanta, Georgia ABA Routing Number: 261171338. Credit To: Your Name & Account Number. Wiring Funds from ACU. To wire money to another Financial Institution, use our safe and secure online form. Login to Online Banking and click Additional Services > Secure Forms > Wire Authorization. Domestic wires submitted before 2:00 ...

Is branch number same as routing number?

This code identifies the branch (and bank/credit union) on which the cheque is drawn. It is also known as check routing number and MICR Code. The first 5 digit is called branch transit number and identifies the exact branch of the bank.

What is a financial institution routing number?

It is also known as an RTN, a routing transit quantity or an ABA routing quantity. Your financial institution routing quantity is a nine-digit code that is primarily based on the U.S. Financial institution location the place your account was opened. It is the primary set of numbers printed on the underside of your checks, on the left facet.

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