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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the craziest Reddit stories of 2021?

Here are some of the craziest Reddit stories of 2021. 1. Lobster Diver Swallowed by Whale Stock photo: A humpback blue whale is about to swallow a scuba diver close up view 3d rendering.

Who is the founder of Reddit?

The latest on Reddit, the online news and discussion platform. Founded in 2005 by Steve Huffman, Aaron Swartz and Alexis Ohanian, Reddit is the 17th-most visited website in the world and the 7th-most visited in the United States as of 2020. "Your child also needs a college fund that money could be going into," one user commented.

What was the most popular food-related post on Reddit in 2021?

The image of the Frappuccinos became one of the most popular food-related post of 2021, with Reddit users shocked at the customer's behavior and supportive of the workers making the five dozen drinks.

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