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Frequently Asked Questions

What's life like in Maui?

In Maui, life revolves around the beach. The $5.5-million plantation-style residence in Wailuku on Hawaii’s second-largest island takes full advantage of its oceanfront setting. The 4.5-acre property at 490 and 497 Lilihua Place is a perfect location for surfing, kitesurfing, ... [+]

Can you catch a sunrise on Maui?

Contrary to popular belief, an overcast-or even rainy-dawn on Maui doesn't mean your chances of catching a stunning sunrise are shot. In fact, a gray day can make for more dramatic photos. According to Hawaii Photography Tours, a stormy morning at Hana Beach can showcase the changing hues in the sky against the background of a black-sand beach.

Will the Auburn Tigers play in the 2024 Maui Jim Maui Invitational?

The Auburn Tigers are headed back to the Aloha State in 2024. College basketball reporter Jon Rothstein reported on Twitter Friday that the Auburn Tigers will fill out the final spot in 2024’s Maui Jim Maui Invitational next season. Auburn last played in the tournament in 2018, its only appearance thus far.

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