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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the RPIs for men's basketball?

Men's Basketball - Team RPIs (2020-2021) 1 Gonzaga 2 Baylor 3 Houston 4 Alabama 5 Oklahoma St. 6 Michigan 7 Arkansas 8 USC 9 Illinois 10 BYU More items...

Does the RPI show a strength of Schedule ranking?

However, it reportedly displays a Strength of Schedule ranking derived from the RPI on the team sheets used during the selection process. In addition, we feel that publishing the old RPI ratings provides a useful point of comparison to the new NET Rating. More Rankings...

What is the RPI for 2021?

RPI Updated Sep 14, 2021 Rank Team rpi 1 Gonzaga 31-1 0.6672 2 Alabama 26-7 0.6376 3 Houston 28-4 0.6334 4 Baylor 28-2 0.6327 58 more rows ...

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