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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the MLB schedule come out?

Typically the schedule comes out the second Wednesday or Thursday of September early in the afternoon. Expect to find the 2022 MLB Sched here early in September. September 13th 2021 at 1 PM EST is the current projected date/time. 2022 MLB ticket sales are first available on

When does MLB preseason start?

The regular season is set to start on April 7, but before those games get underway, teams will rev up with spring training. The COVID-19 pandemic caused Major League Baseball to shut down the annual preseason event in 2020. Teams got back together for “Summer Camp” that July before beginning an abbreviated 60-game season.

When does the MLB regular season end?

The Regular Season. The Major League Baseball season runs from the start of April to the end of September, with each club playing 162 games. That means about one day off every ten days, so baseball is pretty much "game-a-day".

When is spring training MLB?

MLB announces revised Spring Training schedule; games to start March 17. March 11th, 2022. Share. Major League Baseball today announced the revised schedule for 2022 Spring Training presented by Camping World, which will officially begin on Thursday, March 17. The complete ...

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