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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact state employees credit union?

If you need assistance, please call Member Services at 888-732-8562. Share Term Certificates Our STC rates have increased. Check them out! The app provides even more convenient access to the products and services you already use from virtually anywhere.

What are the benefits of being a member of the State Employees Credit Union?

You just go to your app store and search for State Employees Community Credit Union. It will look like the State. A share savings account offers safety and convenience, with competitive yields and no limitations on deposits and withdrawals. Low-cost loans are one of the best benefits of credit union membership.

How many members does the State Employees Credit Union have?

State Employees' Credit Union was chartered on June 4, 1937. Headquartered in Raleigh, NC, it has assets in the amount of $29,477,543,683. Its 1,954,328 members are served from 254 locations. Deposits in State Employees' Credit Union are insured by NCUA.

What is the mission of the State Employees Credit Union?

State Employees’ Credit Union is a North Carolina-based, state chartered credit union, and one of the largest credit unions in the United States. It offers personal banking and loan products, as well as credit card and investment services to its membership, which consists of employees of the state of North Carolina and their employees.

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