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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some names that mean death?

There are many last names or surnames that mean death. Many of these names have an origin history. Nathan was a name that meant Yahweh has given in Hebrew. It may also mean a gift. This name is of English gypsy origin and is said to mean death or life.

What are some religious names that mean death?

The name Loreley carries the meaning of the demise or the death of the man. This name translates to the one who lures people to death. This name has its roots in Roman mythology. Libitina was a Roman goddess, and people used to worship her for extinctions and funerals. Morrigan is the goddess of war and suffering.

Are there any names that mean death in different cultures?

While researching these, I was fascinated with the data I got as names like Orion, Omkara, Gordon, Lilith, and Om which are predominantly used by us to mean death. Western culture tends to discuss death grimly or avoid it altogether. In other cultures, death is often seen as a celebration of life and a way to connect with the spiritual realm.

What are some baby girl names that mean death?

Akeldama (Japanese origin), meaning ‘place of bloodshed’, is also among the baby names that mean death. Ayuna (Greek origin) means ‘love or beautiful’, which is a perfect unisex name for a female or a male child. Hisa (Japanese origin), meaning ‘long lasting’, symbolizes that you have conquered death.

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