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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some baby names that mean death?

35 Baby Boy Names That Mean Death NAMES MEANING Arius Deathless; name of a settlement Azrail The Angel of Death Hebrew,Israeli Bhishak The Healer; Vishnu; Who Cures the Diseas ... Indian Claeg One who is subjected to death; mortal English 24 more rows ...

How to choose a name that means death?

Some parents believe choosing a name that means death will not bring any malevolence upon the baby. They may see it as a way to accept death’s imminence. Also, this can be a unique name to the little one, making it stand out from the sea of names. capable or serious or battle to the death.

What is a good name for a god of death?

Khentimentiu. In Egyptian, this was another name that meant the god of death. Omkara. This Sanskrit name means the essence of life and is more commonly heard among Hindus. Marat. This is a Sanskrit name that refers to the life, death and rebirth cycle of reincarnation. Athanasios. This name means immortal.

Are names associated with death a bad sign?

Names associated with death always does not symbolize a bad sign or some negative traits. There are names that mean blessed with eternal life, or a lady of love, beauty, and death. Although it may sound a little controversial but names associated with death are mostly popular as baby girl names and are also regarded as quite trendy.

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