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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some names that mean death?

35 Baby Boy Names That Mean Death NAMES MEANING Abdulbaith Servant of resurrect or slave of one who ... Arabic,Urdu Ajal specified term or period, hour of death; ... Arabic Amara Immortal Being; one who is blessed witho ... African,German,Igbo,Indian,Italian,Kenya ... Anpu They are God of death 24 more rows ...

What is a good name for the god of death?

Anubis - The Greek name of the god of death, and also the Greek form of "Anpu." Athanasios - Greek origin name for “immortal.” Baladan - The name for "the son of death" in Israeli. Bhishak - Hindu for someone who cures the disease of birth and death cycles.

Who are the 5 Gods of death?

GODS of Death, Destruction, and the Underworld. 1 1. Anubis. Religion: Ancient Egyptian Mythology. Anubis isn’t only a god of the death, but also embalmment and tombing. Anubis is believed to be the ... 2 2. Thanatos. 3 3. Hades. 4 4. Yama. 5 5. Freyja. More items

What is the name of the seer of death?

Tanda - Native American for “the seer of life and death.” Thana - Arabic name for "death." Valdis - An Old Norse derived from the words that mean "the dead" and "goddess." Ahimoth - Hebrew for "brother of death." Anpu - The name of the Egyptian god of the dead.

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