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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using my.ebay?

Take advantage of the capabilities available to you in the My Account section of My eBay and become a savvier, more efficient buyer or seller. Here are the specific areas and some of the things you can do: Edit your eBay User ID, password or email address. Create or edit your About Me page.

What can I buy on my-ebay?

Buy and sell sneakers, handbags, watches, tech, toys, trading cards, cars, & more this season on eBay. You’ll discover big brands, low prices, and free shipping on many items. Shop sneakers, handbags, watches, jewelry, and trading cards with total confidence.

How do I access My eBay?

You can access your Account Status from the Seller Account area of My eBay. In your Account Status you can see the dates, fee types and item numbers for all eBay seller charges. This information can be printed or downloaded to your computer. To view your Account Status in My eBay, click here.

What can you do on my.ebay?

You can keep track of all your orders, find order details, contact sellers, and more from your Purchase History. Learn how to protect your eBay account from hacking and fraud.

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