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What song was written in the early 1800s?

Music from the Early 1800s Song Title Songwriter: Words Songwriter: Music Year Written Crazy Jane Mathew Gregory Lewis John Davy 1800 The People's Right John J. Hawkins John J. Hawkins 1801 A New Ode Amyntas Amyntas 1802 Life Let Us Cherish Mr. Derick Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 1803 29 more rows ...

What happened in the year 1700 in music?

The year 1700 in music involved some significant events. John Eccles is appointed Master of the King's Musick. William Croft returns to the Chapel Royal, where he had been educated, as a "gentleman organist".

How did music change in the 1840s?

The decade of the 1840s saw a marked shift in American music. By mid-century, music had become a commodity. The broader forces of the market revolution had thoroughly altered American music.

What was the most popular instrument in the 1800s?

Violins were by far the most popular instruments. Men of all different classes, from Thomas Jefferson to indentured servants and enslaved people, played violins or fiddles. Prices varied from cheap to quite expensive and there is little doubt that violins were imported in great numbers.

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