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Frequently Asked Questions

How many campuses does Murdoch University have?

Murdoch University has three Australian campuses: South Street Campus, Rockingham Campus, and Peel Campus.

How to apply for Murdoch University?

Applicants can apply for Murdoch University using the university's online portal or through an agent. Class 12 transcripts, AQF associate degree, or equivalent for certificate programs, and UG degree or equivalent for postgraduate programs are mandatory. The tuition fee of the courses is around 25,200 AUD to 66,720 AUD.

What is on-campus accommodation at Murdoch University?

On-campus accommodations are available at Murdoch University Village, which comprises fully furnished rooms, swimming pool, table tennis, and air hockey, recreation room with barbecues, a projection screen, and communal kitchen, movie room with satellite TV, group study rooms, music room, and three large communal laundries.

Is Murdoch University becoming more teaching-focused?

Since 2015, Murdoch University has become more teaching-focused. [citation needed] In late 2018, the university faced scandal subsequent to an enrolment surge of international students, many said to be “lacking English language and computing skills”.

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