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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Allah choose Muhammad?

Why did Allah choose Muhammad as his prophet? Allaah sent all the Prophets and Messengers to call for the worship of Allah alone, and to bring people from darkness to light. The first of these Messengers was Nooh and the last of them was Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) as Allaah said (interpretation of the meaning):

What is Muhammad famous for?

Muhammad Ali (born Cassius Clay) was a boxer, philanthropist and social activist who is universally regarded as one of the greatest athletes of the 20th century. Ali became an Olympic gold medalist in 1960 and the world heavyweight boxing champion in 1964.

What made Muhammad famous?

Various boxing authorities have ranked Ali as the best heavyweight boxer in history. He and the legendary Sugar Ray Robinson have been bracketed as the top two across all weight divisions. Ali won a gold medal (as a light heavyweight) at the 1960 Rome Olympics as the culmination of an amateur boxing career in which he won 100 of 105 bouts.

Is Muhammad a true prophet of God?

No, Muhammad was not a true prophet of God. A true prophet of God would bear witness to the true God and not the false one that is found in Islam. Furthermore, Muhammad taught things that were in contradiction to the Bible. He denied the doctrine of the Trinity, the deity of Christ, the crucifixion, Christ’s resurrection, and salvation by grace alone.

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