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Frequently Asked Questions

What does error 133 mean in MetaTrader 4?

Error 133 means " trade is disabled ". What is the solution? In EA running,what is the error 133 of OrderSend function? In MetaTrader 4 EA running,what is the error 133 of OrderSend function? Sorry, but that's not the problem. Live trading was allowed. Please look at this piece of code: My broker is a 5 digit broker.

What is a 133 error?

A 133 error is the Broker's way of saying you can't trade any more. But why? Well on closer inspection it turns out that this was a micro-account with a 2.00 lot maximum of all positions. The first three positions took it right up to this limit.

How do I fix ordersend error 131?

If you stumble upon an OrderSend Error 131 during your strategy testing, you can quickly find the wrong settings of your EA. To do so, find the standard OnInit () (or init () in older versions of MT4) function inside your EA's code and insert these lines of code there:

Why is my MT4 trading not working?

Currency name suffix “c” in MT4 platform Another reason for such error can be when trading on some or all pairs is disabled by your broker. Trading might be disabled temporarily or permanently. Maybe it’s your new account and your broker needs to enable auto trading option on their side.

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